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Parenting: a conversation

WIFE: Okay, my husband Karl will swear this is not true but it totally is… When our son Jason was very little and Karl stayed home with him during the days, Karl would often put Jason in the swing while doing chores or studying. One time, he looked over at Jason and saw he was covered in chocolate. He went over, stuck his finger in to taste, only to find out that it was not chocolate but diarrhea. I think it’s so traumatic that he has repressed the memory into his unconsciousness. I, however, think it’s hysterical, especially given how meticulous and germ-phobic Karl is.

COLLECTED POOP STORIES: I am thinking I would have known it wasn’t chocolate when my finger got about eighteen inches from my nose.

WIFE: Me, too! But Jason got a little older before the smell got really bad. And, I’m sure Karl was probably thinking about something else at the same time.

CPS: Wait. So he didn’t taste it. He just touched it.

WIFE: Oh, no. He tasted it. Definitely.

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